"Educational standards and achievements attained by the population of a nation have a direct impact on its development"

If any community or region is marginalized, it will have its own impact on the nation’s development. As we know through various parliamentary committee reports, that backward class people in India have poor educational achievements. UNWO education department focuses on efforts to further the educational achievements of all members of the society.

The demographic advantage of India can be reaped to its fullest potential, if the quality of education is improved and the population gets educated, skilled and also becomes ethically sound.

  • Ignorance of the people
  • Under utilization of initiatives by the government
  • Economically weaker society, which cannot face future challenges
  • Poverty/Unemployment/Poor health
  • Social disorder
  • Misguided youth and higher crime rates
  • Strategies in developing educational achievements
  • Community based educational research.
  • Proposing corrective actions and implementation of the same

We’ll attain

  • Educational achievements
  •  Character building
  •  Skill development
  • Employment in different sectors

Educational Schemes

For Schools

School Quality Improvement Programmes – SQIP
Career Guidance
Teachers’ Skill Development

For Students

Scholarship Guidance
Student Adoption
Individual Career Counselling
Free College seats for deserved

For Organisations

Student Adoption
Career Gudance training
Free Tuition Centers
Programme for School Dropouts

Our Future Plans

Road map for Schools of Excellence
Networking all the schools in TN
Devlopment & Implementation of character building curriculam