• Survey App
    An app to unite people who in need of help and those who want to contribute

Why Survey App?

During the old days,the volume of needies and the number of help applications that reach us each day, the process of putting information together could take weeks, if not months. These were the problems that led Team UNWO to develop UNWO APP, an online cloud production application that has been developed specifically for managing the list of needy applications.

Features of Survey App

Easy Family tracking
Family Classification
One Click Reports
Broadcasting Users

App Implementation

Just Six months after its launch, UNWO, the world’s first of a kind e-charity app, has shown promising results in visualizing the potentials of the handy technology by narrowing the results to the people who are in priority. We call this as data science and effective way of serving our community with right resources.

The app maintains people confidentiality and is password-protected.

The EROP project was rolled out in the Ramanathapuram district, Tamil nadu, in December 2017.  We are now looking at scaling it up to 6000 Muhallas in 32 districts of Tamilnadu.

The need for e-charity apps like UNWO app is driven by data science. We couldn’t reach the help on time to many, hence the need for app development. 

UNWO prides in itself in being proactive in embracing digital technologies and delivering service to the humanity through scientific way.