Social Welfare

"Rich People have Money, Poor people have Faith"

Social welfare department takes care of the immediate needs identified by the survey process.  Efforts are taken to resettle / help widows, handicaps, poor patients, destitute, orphans, school dropouts, poor students unable to continue education, people suffering with burden of loans on interest (kanthu vatti).

Another important area of this department is to facilitate various schemes sponsored by the government.  So far more than 2500 people have got help in getting their applications processed and approved.

This department also works with Training & Placement Department in identifying right cottage industries, making self help groups and settling poor in these cottage industries.  Thus helping the downtrodden to make a living and lead a happy life. 

Our Core Projects

Food for Needy

Nearly Food Provisions worth of Rs.1200 are being distributed to the deserving families every month, Which includes Widows, Oldage & Physically challenged non earning members.

Old Age Guidance

We identify the deprived old age people who are eligible for old age pension. We act as a bridge between beneficiaries and patrons in implementing monthly support to the deserved beneficiaries.

Small Business

Families in every village have almost lost their wealth & living in a pathetic conditions. We identify the families and extend our support through business project which will make them self sufficient.


Roof budget houses and hut renovations were done to the families who lost their homes due to disasters. These families consists of more womens and are in a unsecured conditions


Eliminating open defecation is the key aims of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Movement, Sanitary toilets provides safe confinement and disposal of faeces. UNWO builds more than 150+ sanitation across villages

Village Adoption

UNWO has identified various small villages, where people live a pathetic life, awaiting help and supports for basic things. In this our project transform the socio economic status of the people living there.

Our Other Projects

UNWO concentrates mainly over government schemes. As the government is providing lots of schemes helps under different criteria of needs especially to the people living under poverty. There are many schemes are available such as,

We guide them with the legal procedures to avail the schemes UNWO helps the people by connecting them to right persons and right place according to their needs. UNWO also guides the people to get their Government identity proofs, Address proofs and Government certificates such as,

Our Special Projects