Government Schemes

Government Schemes in India are launched by the government to address the social and economic welfare of the citizens of this nation. These schemes play a crucial role in solving many socio-economic problems that beset Indian society, and thus their awareness is a must for any concerned citizen. Welfare refers to assistance programs sponsored by governments for needy individuals and families, including schemes, such as food stamps, health care assistance, and unemployment compensation etc; the goals of welfare can be promoting work, education, or providing a better standard of living. These schemes could be either Central, State specific or a joint collaboration between the Centre and the States.

We guide them with the legal procedures to avail the schemes UNWO helps the people by connecting them to right persons and right place according to their needs. UNWO also guides the people to get their Government identity proofs, Address proofs and Government certificates such as,

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Social Security Schemes

Civic Documents

Primary Health Care

Minority Schemes

Government Scholarship

Types of Schemes

Monthly Schemes

Widow pension, Old Age pension, Mentally Challenged, Unemployed graduate Pension etc,.

Women Welfare Schemes

Marriage help scheme, Widow Remarriage Schemes, Intercaste Marriage,etc,.

Education Schemes

Pre/Post/Merit cum Scholarship, First graduate, Girl Child Education scheme,etc,.