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About us

United Welfare Organisation (UNWO) is a non-profit charity organization serving the needs of all communities. UNWO is dedicated to alleviate all human sufferings and to support every individual to become more self reliant. Currently our projects focus on improving morality, Good health, economic prosperity and educational growth of communities in and around Tamilnadu


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Our Skills

  • Finding

  • Planning

  • Promoting

  • Executing

Get in Touch

#10/39, 1st Floor, Anaikar Complex
Periamet, Chennai- 600 003.
+91 737373 6085

What we do?

Service we are offering is specifically
designed to meet the poor people's basic needs

Government Schemes

By teaming with the social welfare team UNWO provides guidance in all government related schemes like CHCHISTN, Cards correction, etc,. to the deserved.

Health Services

UNWO health department focuses on building a primary health center across all the districts

Social Welfare

It focuses on Poor people from census data and providing guidance for them by Government schemes and by other means.

Training & Placement

UTPS objective to provide access to Guidance and Training with Placement assistance to youth which includes fresh graduates, unemployed graduates and dropouts.


Education in UNWO focuses on efforts to achievements, Character building, Skill development, and Employment

Data Management

It manages the census data of all district by analysing the data and categorizing them based the needs & income provided, thus generating reports for carrying out projects.

  • 1

    1. Census

    We can know the status of the people through the census by the help of local volunteers

  • 2

    2. Verification

    The needs of every household known through the census should be explored and verified

  • 3

    3. Classification

    Using the verified need we can be abled to classify the families as Sufficient, Pathetic & Critical

  • 4

    4. Campaigns

    With the help of classification at first we can help the critical family by raising the funds with the help of local sponsors or by raising a campaign through echairty globally

  • 5

    5. Fund raising

    With the help of eCharity, we can raise funds globally and effectively so that help will be attained to the beneficiaries quickly

  • 6

    6. Execution

    upon receiving the funds either by local or by global sponsors we transfer the funds to the beneficiaries directly and then projects can be carried out successfully

Our Process

Here are 6 working steps

UNWO has a dedicated team of professionals, philanthropists, spiritual leaders and volunteers who dedicate their time, wealth and energy for the development of the society at large, aiming at nation building.

We work at a grass root level for the society to alleviate all human sufferings and to support every individual to become more self-reliant. Hence we created a process to empower the society.

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Society's satisfaction is our major goal.

Our Journal

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