UNWO had initiated Students empowerment program on 04th June 2022 at Masjid-E-Mahmood, Pudupet and which is a Taluk Guidance Centre for Pudupet, Chennai. This program was conducted purely for Boys between 08th to 10th Standard with their parents. Nearly 70 students gathered for this social awareness program. It was lively and wonderful session with speech given by two chief guests Mr.Srinivasan (Social Educational Activists) and Mr.Thulasiraman- Professional Football Coach (Founder of Chennai Premier Soccer School).
Mr.Srinivasan encouraged the students by giving a live example of a Muslim minority girl of 14 years old, was given an opportunity by the Madhya Pradesh Police to be an One day DGP Post. She voiced for the women’s safety in the country just one day of her responsible work. Likewise, he empowered the Neet programs with West Bengal syallabus for the students from 06th to 12th Standard which is sufficient enough to write any competitive exams conducted in India for the job opportunities in the Indian and State Government. Also advised about the Olympiad study exam for which we can avail scholarship financial benefit from the Government.
In the same way, Mr. Thulasiraman said being as a sportsman of any game example like Football has a 270 job openings in the same field nor our youngsters neither their parents are aware of it. He said only if a student is hard worker or smart worker can be outstanding in any field and help our society to progress to the next level of achievement. Also insists the students to be always be eager to grab any opportunities without shyness from childhood till he grew up for experience and passion to achieve.