By the Lord’s grace !!! United Welfare Organisation (UNWO) Facilitated the Government Primary Health Centre (PHC) on Tuesday, the 02nd May 2023 from 2 pm to 4 pm at Seelapadi village, Dindigul to serve around 38 villages which roughly consist of 50,000 population. This Seelapadi village is a connected center for all 38 villages for acquiring medical benefits. It plays a vital role in this village’s treating 270 outpatients daily. The Medical equipment supported to this Govt. PHC are listed below

1. ECG Machine – 1
2. BP Apparatus LED – 4
3. B-type Oxygen Cylineder with Flow meter and Key-1
4. Cylinder Trolley – 1
5. Delivery Cot – 1

The special guests of the event who honored the program were listed below. The program was a successful event.

1. Dr. M,M. Varadarajan MBBS, (Deputy Director of Health Services DDH, Dindigul).
2. Dr.Srinivasan MBBS, (Block Medical Officer, Thadikombu Block, Dindigul).
3. Dr. M.Ragalakshmi MBBS,(Medical Officer, Govt.PHC Seelapadi)
4. Thirumathi. A. Meenakshi (Panchayat President, Seelapadi).
5. Thiru. A. Raja, (Chairman, Panchayat Union, Dindigul)
7. Al-Haj.Khalifullah, (President, Dindigul Economic Chamber).
8. Al-Haj.Mansoor (UNWO, Dindigul).