By Almighty’s blessing !!!  United Welfare Organisation (UNWO) had organized the Primary Health Center (PHC) event on Tuesday, the 13th December 2022 at M.M.Kovilur village, Dindigul East Taluk, Dindigul District. Around this PHC, nearly 4500 families are living here. Farming and Coolie is their main occupation.  Dindigul is nearest town to kovilur village for all major economic activities. UNWO initiated the SAFE BIRTH INITIATIVE by supporting the deserved the medical equipments which was required for the above PHC for effective treatment.

The medical equipments were

  1. ECG Machine
  2. Needle Holder
  3. Pulse Oximeter
  4. Blood Pressure Apparatus Led
  5. Autoclave Machine

 In this program, The Chief guests who participated in the event were listed below. The participants made the event a grand success.

  1. Dr. Varadharajan (Deputy Director of Health Services, Dindigul HUD)
  2. Dr. Srinivasan (Block Medical Officer, Thadaicombu Block , Dindigul).
  3. Dr. R. Ashok Kumar (Medical Officer, PHC, Manamuna Kovilur, Dindigul)
  4. Dr. K.M.A. Mohamed Ismail Sait (Trustee, UNWO Manamuna Academy, Dindigul).
  5. Dr. Peer Mohamed (Chairman, Shifa Hospital, Dindigul)
  6. Nattamai. Dr. N.M.B. Kaja Maideen (Chairman, Red Cross Society, Dindigul).
  7. Mr. K. Nagaraj (Panchayath President, Manamuna Kovilur, Dindigul)
  8. Mr. A. Kanava Pichai (Vice-President, Manamuna Kovilur, Dindigul).
  9. Mr. A. Raja (Union President, Dindigul).
  10. Moulana Moulvi. Alhaj Janab.Mohamed Haroon Dawoodi (Patron, UNWO).
  11. Janab. S. Jalaludeen (Muthavalli, Manamuna Kovilur, Dindigul)